Karen Fukuhara Biography

Karen Fukuhara Biography

Karen Fukuhara is a Japanese-American actress. On February 10, 1992, she was born in California and raised in a Japanese immigrant family.She graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and Theatre from the University of California, Los Angeles (B.A.).

 Karen Fukuhara was born in a Japanese family, and her mother tongue is Japanese; she has also gone to school to learn Japanese on Saturdays. She had attended the school for 11 years to learn Japanese, and she has a younger brother. 

She is a champion of martial arts with a brown striped belt. She was a part of super hit D.C. film’ suicide squad’ as ‘Tatsu Yamashiro’/’Katana’.

Karen Fukuhara is also a voice actress and has voiced several popular characters such as Glimmer (She-Ra and the Princess of power), Kipo (Kipo and the age of wonders beasts).

Personal information of Karen Fukuhara 

Karen Fukuhara Biography
  • Nickname: Kazzy 
  • By profession: Actress 
  • Karen Fukuhara age: 29 years 
  • Height: 5′ 2″ (1.57 m)
  • Graduation completed: University of California, Los Angeles

Karen Fukuhara career journey

Karen Fukuhara Biography

Karen Fukuhara has worked in many shows in Japan, and she has worked in popular shows on the Disney channel before. Karen Fukuhara, a brown belt holder in Karate, has undergone two months of training for her superhero D.C. movie suicide squad.

When Karen was in her teenage, she got the role of a reporter in the popular Disney’s series ‘Movie Surfers’. She also appeared in the Japanese broadcasting corporation’s NHK, as a sports reporter.

After the audition, she worked in the ‘New York fashion week’ as a translator when she got her first film. 

After completing her education in L.A., from the University of California in Sociology and Theatre, Karen tried in different fields and worked hard for her career.

She had given auditions for many roles before and did her best as an actor in Hollywood. According to the media, her training and skills in Karate proved to be the reason for getting the golden opportunity of her life.

The year came when Karen got the chance to work with many prominent Hollywood stars. She played the role of ‘Katana’ and got immense popularity and took her career higher. 


Karen Fukuhara’s appearances in films, tv shows and web series

Karen Fukuhara Biography

·’ Stray,’ and ‘The Lost,’

· ‘The Boys.’ ( Web series )

· Cartoon Networks’ Craig of the Creek,’ (Karen gave voice for ‘Sewer Queen’)

· ‘Glimmer’ in Netflix series,

· ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.’

· ‘Conan,’

· ‘Good Morning America,

· ‘Made in Hollywood’ 

· ‘Up Close with Carrie Keagan.’

·’ Stray,’ ( as nori )

· ‘The Lost.’ ( As Laura Baker)

· Amazon Prime Video’s web series, ‘The Boys,’ ( As Kimiko)

Karen Fukuhara is coming with her new project and giving her voice for the the character of ‘Kipo’ in the series called ‘Kipo and the Age of Wonders Beasts.’

Karen is a multi-talented actress and always makes the audience happy with her performance. Seeing her skills, we can say that she will gain immense popularity and stardom in her future in the entertainment industry.

Karen Fukuhara katana and Karen Fukuhara suicide squad.

Karen Fukuhara Biography

Karen Fukuhara suicide squad

Karen Fukuhara got fame when she played the role of katana in the significant hit movies suicide squad. She gained higher popularity and was appreciated for her fantastic and vibrant role in this D.C. superhero film.

  Karen Fukuhara katana

Karen Fukuhara’s katana role had made everyone astonished with her acting. After playing the role of katana in the suicide squad, she got both name and fame. She also talked about her role in the suicide squad; Karen said that she was delighted with the role and told about the makeup during the shooting of her superhero movie. The public showered love for her work for performance in this superhero movie. 

She holds a brown belt in Karate and is currently focusing on her upcoming movies. It’s been confirmed that her new movie will be released soon.  

Karen Fukuhara Instagram

The majority of people follow Karen Fukuhara. She has above 850k followers on Instagram; you can figure out her popularity among the audience. The audience loved her ‘katana’ character in the D.C. superhero movie suicide squad.

Karen Fukuhara net worth

Karen has worked in several hit movies, Tv shows, web series and cartoons shows, and her net worth is around$800,000 (an estimated net worth). She earned a higher place in Hollywood. 

Facts about Karen Fukuhara- 

Karen Fukuhara Biography

When Karen was in her teenage, she had a big responsibility for her younger brother. She spent a few years babysitting him. His brother used to learn Karate those days; that’s the main reason behind her interest in Karate and martial arts.

Later Karen began taking karate lessons also. Karen Fukuhara also won championships and participated in international karate competitions in Japan. She is the brown striped belt holder in Kyokushin Karate.

 Kyokushin Karate has a deep meaning; it means the ultimate truth.

Karen Fukuhara started doing her first job with Disney Channel’s mini ‘Movie Surfers’. It was her best and first opportunity to enter the entertainment industry; she got the job to interview famous film stars of the recent Disney pictures. She was a student in high school when she had started her work with the Disney channel. 

Karen got a chance to interview the one and only superstar of the super hit movie ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’, Johnny Depp. She also interviewed Keira Knightley.

When Karen gave an audition for the D.C. superhero movie ‘Suicide Squad’, she was unaware of the movie name at that time. Karen didn’t know which role she was auditioning for, and she only knew about the role of fighting. 

Frequently asked questions about Karen Fukuhara- 

1. Is Karen Fukuhara married or single?

Karen is not married yet. According to the media, she is dating Keith Tio. Keith is an actor and currently practising in the Harbour-UCLA department as a Medical Optometrist. It’s been not confirmed, but they both show a good friendship on social media platforms. 

2. Where is Karen Fukuhara now?

Karen Fukuhara was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. She is still living there.

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