How to Downgrade WordPress Website

How to Downgrade WordPress Website

How to Downgrade WordPress

Today I will teach you How To Downgrade WordPress To A Previous Version

Have you ever updated to the newest version of WordPress, and then noticed that your site starts to have a bunch of problems? Don’t freak out. A lot of the time, it’s an issue with a plugin or theme that’s not compatible with the newest update.

Before You Downgrade

Before you downgrade, it’s important to do a full backup of your site and database in case anything goes wrong.

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Installing WP Downgrade

How to install Wp Downgrade? 

Go to Plugin > Add new > Search Wp Downgrade Or Click Here

WP Downgrade plugin serves one purpose, to downgrade your current WordPress version. It allows you to downgrade to any previous version of WordPress, and you can stay on it for as long as you want. However, it is highly recommended to avoid staying in an out-of-date version for a prolonged period of time.

The plugin is very simple to use

Now Follow This it Will Help You To Downgrade

screenshot 1 696x236 1

For example, if you wanted to go back to version 5.0, you would enter 5.0. If you want to go back to version 5.13, you would enter 5.13.

Enter the desired WordPress version in the available text box.

screenshot 2 696x260 1

Click on the “Up-/Downgrade Core” button. 

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