How to Create a blog on Google 2021

How to create a blog on Google?

If you want to write blog posts, Or If You Want to earn money through a blog then must start blogging. Google’s Blogger is a free, simple blogging platform that’s packed with useful tools. Here’s how to get started.

If you have no money for buying a domain and hosting for creating a blog website then go with Blogger. Blogger is the best platform for creating a blog website Free

How to Create a blog on Google

  • Search Blogger or click here
  • Create an account on blogger (Sing Up)
  • Choose a name for your blog
  • Choose a URL for your blog
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One more important thing you can also add your own custom domain. If you have no money or custom domain go with free this is also best

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when you create a blog website. The most important thing is how to choose the best niche for my blog topic

1. Pick a topic you enjoy talking about. Starting a blog is a really fun process
2. Do market research. The next step is to make sure that there’s a profitable and big
3. enough market for your topic
4. Pick a smaller niche
5. Make sure it’s profitable

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