Da Real Gee Money Biography| A Short Story

Da Real Gee Money Biography| A Short Story | (1995-2017)

Who is Da Real Gee Money?

Da Real Gee Money was born in Baton Rouge, which is in LA, United States. 

He is the famous rapper who has been named one of the best “12 Baton Rappers,” or you also will know the XXL in 2017.He has decent popularity due to his songs which got many views.

Although – he tries his remix with Cardi B’s and Da Real Gee Money developed the craftwork with the Baton Rouge who create like the DJ B-Real and Q res tracks.

In short, he is a successful rapper, and even Da Real Gee Money has ranked the most famous people on the list.

Furthermore, he is one of the richest rappers even though he made his position on the Most Popular Rapper list.

Brief Details About Da Real Gee Money

  • Real Name: Garrett Burton
  • Birthplace: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
  • Age as of 2017: 22 Years Old (As of 2017 at time of his Death)
  • Profession: Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter
  • Net Worth: $1 Million 
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini


Da Real Gee Money Birthday?

Da Real Gee Money’s birthday was on June 14, 1995.

What is Da Real Gee Money Net Worth? 

Da Real Gee Money

Da Real Gee Money Estimated Net Worth is 1 million to $5 million (Approximately) as of 2021.


What is Age & Height?

Da Real Gee Money was 22 Years Old (As of 2017 at time of his Death), and his height is 5 feet 11 inches.

Who is Da Real Gee Money Dating?

Da Real Gee Money keeps his love and personal life private.

Da Real Gee Money Education

Da Real Gee Money

The Da Real Gee Money from childhood has been given good marks with great performance.

Also, when he was only 16 years old, he enrolled in high school. 

However, when he completed his high school education, he also graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the public US states of the university.


Da Real Gee Money Death 

Da Real Gee Money

When gee money was only 22 years old and a Baton Rouge rapper, He was shot on Sunday (September 10) on the block of 1900 baton rouge’s Dallas drive at 1:30. a.m., 

Also, when his dead body was found in the parking lot, police had yet to narrow it down with any suspects.

Although, according to few reports, a local activist named Arthur “Silky Slim” read spoke after his learning advocate Da real gee money was shot.

He was also worried about the community youth, which would be affected by the negativity by Gee money’s death.Sadly, we had to look at some young, vibrant individual life that will cut the “short” reed said at a similar moment.

Furthermore, his fans prayed for his family, even if his life will be someone’s love life on similar tracks. Here, he also mentioned how his Rapping was given the biggest Burton with joy in his life.

Reed also explains this dee real gee money explains about rapping that “Rapping” was his heart and his love too.

The New Orleans arose rapper, who works with Baton Rouge, just posts on the Instagram handle about the death of his friends.

When the rapper’s death comes on the heels of murder in baton rouge basis to the rapping Zoe really, who had a shot or killed back on the April month.

What is more disheartening is that both really or Zoe and Gee money are the slain rappers of the list in 2017.

And the Atlanta-based rapper with young mazi, who was murdered with just in the according to last months of the XXL magazines,

The leader pivot gang, known as dinner with john while he was stabbed to February month of death back. Furthermore, there weren’t any funeral details, but when police were asked, anybody who came forward with any necessary case details to concern.


Gee money was a married person, and some of the sources revealed that he had a relationship with Regina Hardnett.

However, from his marital life, he has one daughter’s name, and her name is Kylie.

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Gee Money Career

Gee money was very famous for being listed by the XXL magazine in Feb 2017.

Also, he was pretty famous because of his songs, Jack, and he was transformed into the fastest growing rapper in the industry.

Its baton rouge back due to the collaboration frequency with the DJ B-Real likes or Q red on tracks.

Whenever he was alive, his social media accounts had a huge amount of followers (500 thousand).

This rapper was found dead after being shot or killed in Baton Rouge city.

Also, he was dead or pronounced dead after being shot on the block of 1900 baton rouge’s Dallas drives in the early morning hours.

Similarly, when Da real gee money was dead, he was picked through XXL magazine as one of the rappers in Baton Rouge.


Da real gee money is a famous American radio personality and the best recognized as the longest time host at the “AM/PM workload with the show” but the laser 101.1FM & morning show.

Also, he has countless celebrity interviews, from Johnnie Cochran to Sean Paul, in this nearly long shit of two-decade stint with the channels.

These days, He has emerged as one of the top radio personalities in the country.

Besides this, He has also contributed to the movie or television industries.

He also played with Johan in the independent movie “The Panman: Rhythm of the Palms” in 2007. 

The flick won the two awards in 2008, with the best Brooklyn international film festival score and his best Hollywood black film festival feature films.

Furthermore, Da real gee money is a very classic and stylish guy, and he often creates public appearances.  He always keeps in mind that he never shies away from the media or is always ready to face the camera.

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