5 Best Free Website Speed Test Tools

5 Best Free Website Speed Test Tools

Website Speed Test Tools

Speed can make or break your website. That’s why web developers, marketers, and IT departments alike are paying attention to website speed testing tools. Improving your webpage loading speed can have a dramatic effect on the overall success of your site.

1. GTmetrix

Among the premier free website speed test tools of 2019 is GTmetrix. This tester is incredibly straightforward. You just put your URL in and hit “Analyze.” GTmetrix’s strengths include.

2. WebPageTest

Our next entry on the list probably isn’t going to win any web design awards in the near future. WebPageTest, however, is one of the more reliable and trusted website speed testing tools available to users today. The primary strengths of WebPageTest include.

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3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Compared to the other 9 entries on this list, Google PageSpeed Insights isn’t going to provide a lot of data or suggestions on how to fix problems. In fact, it’s not really a true page speed testing tool. But there are some reasons why it’s still worth checking out this Google-built tool.

4. Pingdom

For the most part, Pingdom provides users with a nice mix of options and simplicity. As such, Pingdom offers the following benefits.

5. DareBoost

At first glance, the Dareboost webpage speed tester looks like all the others. In some ways, that’s good. It’s easy to put in your web address and choose a test location and start your test.

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