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Advances in the science and observation of climate change are providing a clearer understanding of the inherent variability of Earth’s climate system and its likely response to human and natural influences. The implications of climate change for the environment and society will depend not only on the response of the Earth system to changes in radiative forcings, but also on how humankind responds through changes in technology, economies, lifestyle and policies (Moss et al 2010).

In this context, a wide range of preparedness measures can be implemented in response to both observed and anticipated climate change and varying effects on locations, sectors and population demographics of the economy. However, the effectiveness of local level preparedness efforts depends on several elements including economics, local politics, leadership, available information, institutional framework and local awareness. There is no easy solution to this global problem. A starting point would be establishing effective climate change governance by linking between international, national climate change policies and decentralization at sub-national governance policies (Habib-Mintz 2008).

Thus, realizing the importance of the role of State government initiatives on climate change and in par with India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change, Department of Environment (DoE), Government of Tamil Nadu has established a Climate Change Cell herein referred as Tamil Nadu State Climate Change Cell (TNSCCC) on 1st December, 2014. The cell provides the central focus for Tamil Nadu State Government’s climate change related initiatives and activities, operating as a unit of the DoE, Government of Tamil Nadu.


The vision of TNSCCC is to respond to global climate change by building capacity and creating awareness at the local level particularly in the context of Tamil Nadu State and to make it as a resilient (capacity to cope) (IPCC AR5 2013) State to combat climate change through effective climate change governance and climate change services by connecting climate change science- policy-society.


The mission of TNSCCC is to establish a platform to collect, collate and disseminate climate change information pertaining to Tamil Nadu State to various stakeholders ranging from farmers, fishermen, general public to policy planners, decision makers, bureaucrats and others in order to enable effective climate change governance and climate change services.


The main objective of TNSCCC is to
(a) Enhance effective climate change governance;
(b) Facilitate effective climate change services to various stakeholders of Tamil Nadu state.

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